Saturday, July 04, 2015

Paint Table Saturday July 4th


Last Saturday

Well, I did manage to get on with some base colours last weekend as you can see if you compare this with last week's shot.  Unfortunately, it is far too hot in my room to paint at present so I will have to hope it is cooler this afternoon when the sun moves around (although then you lose the light, of course).  Big artistic decision today is as to whether I paint the shirts of the 64th Foot white (quick) or an off white (slow).  I can then paint their belts plain white so they show up better against the shirts.  Of course the belts were buff and then pipe clayed white so buff might work for those too with white shirts.   Hmm!


  1. Off white is the best way to go. Use a very light grey and off white highlights its slower I know but the the pure white harness will really pop.

  2. A bit of progress! Hope your paint area cools down enough to get back to work.

  3. That is definite progress Sir and off white all the way, although having said that how do you manage it will enamels?

  4. Nice progress from last week. Right now I'm waffling between finishing single figures, working on 5 figure sub groups or everything on a 20 "man" unit. What ever keeps you moving forward.