Sunday, November 08, 2009

An army in two weeks!

Force Publique for Darkest Africa

OK, it's not much of an army but given a few added askaris (which I've already painted) it's probably a viable force under Chris Peers' Darkest Africa rules for taking on my Azande in the next week or so (we'll probably have to wait until after Guy's exams the week after next).
Forty-eight figures from start to finish in 15 days which must be a record for me. I will write about the Force Publique in more detail over at my Darkest Africa blog in the next week.
Now it's on to the Carthaginians!


  1. Errrrmm... 47 figures and a mule actually... :o)

    Seriously, well done.. few more pictures, please?

  2. Nice work, LH!

    There was a huge surge in production of the sav 2008 vintage in NZ, which is why the previous year's vintage of Cloudy Bay is still in the shops at the time when the next vintage is due. I had hoped they'd bring their prices down accordingly, but they went up! I went to Marlborough last June - the view of the mountains from Cloudy Bay's cellar door is exactly what you see on the label.