Saturday, June 14, 2014

Paint Table Saturday

I got about an hour done today.  I still can't face working on any units at present so am just fiddling with whatever I find.  Currently that is another half dozen Artizan Afghans, two Spartan officers, an Artizan Carolingian general and three Ancient Egyptians.  

I hope to finish a couple more figures tomorrow (probably Afghans).

This won't reduce the lead pile, however, as I bought a unit of twenty seventeenth century Spanish in North Star's sale the other week.  These figures are technically by Phoenix Miniatures and are not part of North Star's 1672 range but they match exactly.  I think they are destined to be Spanish defenders of Panama against Henry Morgan.  Initially, at least, in a small unit Donnybrook sort of way I think.  

I also ordered two more batches of figures today,  More on these when they arrive but one of them is the North Star On the Seven Seas pre-order so they won't arrive until August.  


  1. Pictures of the Spanish defenders please.

  2. They do say that variety is the spice of light! I am afraid I succumbed to the North Star pre order yesterday as well, they just look so lovely.

  3. Interesting mix of figures. I like the Egyptians particularly. I wasn't tempted by the North Star pirates. I have decided that periods I will never get into include Cowboys/Old West, Zombies, and Pirates, though if they were all put into a range based on a hit movie, I might succumb. :)

    1. I was always interested in pirates since my mother introduced me to the great Pirate films of the thirties, forties and Fifties! Slightly on the fence about Old West but can't understand the appeal of zombies!