Saturday, January 16, 2016

Paint Table Saturday 16th January 2016

It must be months and months since I did a paint Table Saturday Post and, ironically, there is no trace of paint in this one.  I was preparing some figures today for Frostgrave, which I hope to move along in the next few weeks.  I assembled the first five plastics but as I did them in artificial light I will have to look at them tomorrow to see where they need filling.  Any way, it's supposed to be bright tomorrow so I may be able to get them filled, based properly and undercoated.  I did actually finish painting two things today but will have to photograph them tomorrow.  There is one more thing I may try and get finished tomorrow too, as it goes with the things I finished today. My first hobby activity since September!


  1. It's just like riding a bike - looking forward to seeing these come to life.