Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Turcomen are finished!

Just finished basing the Turcomen (and women) horse archers I undertook to do for a club refight of Dorylaeum at the Society of Ancients meeting at Milton Keynes next week. Annoyingly I won't now actually be able to participate as I will be coming back from another business trip. Grr!

I had been thinking about doing a Crusades army ever since the Perry figures came out and having read the Tom Harper novel "Knights of the Cross" set around the siege of Antioch I became even more keen. However, I always thought I would do a Crusader army not a Turkish one. But lots of people at the club had Normans so it was Turcomans. I now find it gives me the basis for a reasonable WAB army so will get some Ghulams, command and some infantry. It means I have done the boring bit first anyway!

I've always hated painting cavalry as I found painting the rider seperately a fiddle and I found all the paint kept rubbing off as there was no base to hold on to. Some of the Perry figures have riders moulded onto the horses and these were quick to paint so, eureka, I stuck all the figures on horses before undercoating. Don't know why I didn't before. No more seperate painting from now on. Cavalry now hold no fear (the 30 Turcomen were the largest batch of cavalry for one army I have ever completed) and I am actually looking forward to doing some Carolingian knights.

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