Tuesday, August 28, 2007

On the work bench..

Well, I am not doing so well at holding my concentration on one or two periods as I was earlier. The work bench still contains some Beja and my next unit of British, the King's Royal Rifle Corp, for the Sudan. But I still have some Azande waiting to be undercoated, some Belgian Force Publique troops and some Darkest Africa characters. There are also the Artizan Pulp figures and I have just started some Musketeer Miniatures Early Saxons. I really mustn't add any more!

I am not getting much painted as I was in Canada last week and have to fly to Poland on Thursday. Next week I am in Mexico, then Abu Dhabi, Sweden and the US so the September total is going to be as poor as August! I'm not getting much time at the weekends either as I am travelling back and forth to Cowes for various boating activities.

Oddly, when I do have time to paint I am not that enthusiatic and I think the main reason is the loss of good light as the days get shorter. I did a little bit on the KRRC tonight but spent more time fiddling with my Sudan Blog. I put a counter on it about a week ago and it's already had 200 hits!

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