Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Reducing the lead pile and out to lunch!

Well, my attempt to decrease the lead pile is going quite well, as I have now disposed of around 120 figures on eBay.  It's been goodbye to Copplestone Polar figures and Foundry Bronze Age (more going up tonight) some spare Ancient Greeks and a few duplicates.  Metal Caesarian Roman will be next.  It's actually de-stressing me, even if I haven't made any serious inroads into the lead pile yet.

I've sorted out some more Carolingians to get started on for Lion Rampart and found the rest of my IHMN Scotland Yard company to get to work on, combined with watching the final few episodes of series 2 of Ripper Street.  However, I may be getting distracted by a female dancing figure which I found in a box on the floor, having completely forgotten about her.  

I had an excellent lunch out on Friday after picking up some paint in Games Workshop on Oxford Street which is on my Food and Wine blog, of course.


  1. Well that is certainly going to help the tally. How are you finding Ripper Street?

  2. If you have any EIR Romans or any ancient Germans or Gauls/Celts you are getting rid of I'd be interested...


    1. Yes there will be some Warlord plastics once I have found them!

  3. Well done, very cathartic I imagine, if that's the right word?

  4. Yes reducing the pile can lighten one's mood.