Sunday, September 02, 2007

Painted Figures for August

A very disappointing month with only 12 figures painted. They did include finishing my Naval Brigade unit and the Gatling Gun which were pretty fiddly, I suppose. Too much sailing on holiday ate into the time I thought I was going to have and trips to Canada and Poland at the end of the month didn't help either. Also the light is now starting to fade in the evenings so I can really only paint at the weekend and that has been busy too with a trip to the Cowes Powerboat Festival with my little boy over the Bank Holiday weekend.

So the total was:

8 Sudan Royal Navy sailors
1 Gatling Gun
3 Beja on camels

..for a rather sad total of 12 figures. The yearly total is now 203 in 35 weeks or 5.8 figures per week. So I am now 7 figures down on my target for the year.

This month I have to go to Mexico City, Stockholm, Los Angeles and possibly Dubai so it is not looking too hopeful. At least I have about 15 figures well on the way.

Much better figures at the Cowes Powerboat Festival at least!

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