Saturday, February 23, 2008

Workbench 23rd February

The workbench at present is mostly Darkest Africa Ruga-ruga and Ngoni, plus four ECW musketeers I am not going to get done for Monday's game. Behind we have another half dozen Great North War figures then a couple of Gladiators, some Sudan, a few Spartans, some Lord of the Rings and some cavegirls (and cavemen).

Still enjoying painting the Ngoni but might push the GNW figures forward a bit. I have three days in Geneva this week, though, so that will eat into the painting time. I'm back a week and then I have to go to Libya, Egypt and Jordan for ten days so things will slow down a lot.

I have just received my pre-order of Crusader's new Late Romans which are, much to my delight, compatible with my Black tree Design ones. I won't start them until Steve at Little Big Men has some shield transfers done.

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