Sunday, March 02, 2008

Painted Figures for February

Another good month, with 36 figures painted, much better than last year's 14. I have painted 69 figures in nine weeks which is 7.6 figures a week so I am 15 figures up on my target.

Sudan British 5
Gladiators 3
Pulp 1
English Civil War 7
Early Saxons 5
Darkest Africa 15

I didn't manage any Great Northern War figures this month but I guess the ECW ones count towards my Pike and Shot allowance. I was also pleased to finish my first unit of Early Saxons. The darkest Africa figures are a bit of a diversion but I am enjoying painting them even though they are quite time consuming.

This month is going to be difficult as I am in Libya, Egypt and Jordan from next week for ten days and then Poland at the end of the month. I am hopeful I will be able to finish five more Ruga-ruga before I fly to Tripoli on Saturday. When I get back I want to get on with some more GNW and progress my first four Sudan Highlanders.

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