Sunday, July 27, 2008

To the Redoubt

My little boy liked the Gatling Gun replica!

I went to the To the Redoubt show today at Eastbourne Redoubt (naturally).

Its a very small show with only about ten traders there but I went because Dave Andrews was there and they had a small exhibition of Zulu Wars stuff which I wanted to look at before I start work on my Empress Miniatures figures, which arrived very quickly after I ordered them this week and look splendidly Victorian.

The Redoubt hosts the Royal Sussex Regimental Museum and the Royal Irish Hussars Museum. Running until November is the special exhibition by the Anglo Zulu Wars Historical Association. There were a hundred Zulu War medals on display, a full sized replica of a Gatling Gun and some Zulu shields and weapons actually collected from the battlefield at Rorke's Drift. Most impressive to me, however, was a picee of paper with King Cetshwayo's signature on it; I always find seeing the signatures of famous people a real way to link to them. Definitely worth a look.

Other than the exhibition I bought quite a bit at Dave Andrews stand. Quite a few Great Wars Miniatures early World War 1 stuff, (they look very compatible with my Renegade figures), some Perry Sudan British cavalry and Camel Corps (so I can combine them and try to make some mounted infantry), some Artizan Spartan light infantry and a very nice Sabretooth from Dee Zee Minaitures. I also got the last Touching History book by Paul Darnell and a book called Blood Red Sand by Michael Barthorp.

Not too bad! Now I have to decide what to take with me to paint on holiday. Only two weeks this year becuase of starting my new job half way through the year.

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