Monday, September 01, 2008

Painting Objectives 2008: Second Update

It's time to review the progress on the second four months of my painting objectives.

My initial priorities in January were:

Sudan British and Beja
Great Northern War Swedes
Dark Ages Early Saxons
Ancient Greeks and Spartans

I also added Darkest Africa in May.

Secondary targets were:
Punic War Spanish
Back of Beyond
Lord of the Rings
WW1 East Africa
Napoleonic Quatre Bras
3rd Century Romans and Palmyrans
Caesarian Romans
Wars of the Roses mounted men at arms

What I have done from May to August is as follows:

Sudan British: 1
Sudan Beja: 1
Great Northern War: 11
Dark Ages: 0
Greeks and Spartans: 10
Darkest Africa: 12

Of my lesser priority category I did the following:

Back of Beyond: 2
WW1: 16
Swashbucklers: 1
Gladiators: 9

So going forward for the next four months I think that my priorities will be as follows:

I must get those cursed Highlanders done (at least I have started them) plus some more Beja. I am well on the way to finishing the second rub of 60 figures. I also have an Egyptian and a British field gun to do.

Great Northern War
Musketeer Miniatures are promising Russian pikemen and command over the next few weeks. I am progressing well on the Sewedish infantry so will do some more.

Darkest Africa
With the Zulu War to do I think I will back of the Ngoni and Ruga Ruga for a bit, although I have five more of the latter under way.

The Great War
I am really enjoying painting my Prussian Guards so will do some more of these definitely.

Zulu War
I love the new Empress figures and will get going on these.

Likewise the new Alban riflemen are tremedous and French Voltigeurs are on the way.

Lord of the Rings
I have started some plastic knights of Minas Tirith and these are pretty quick to paint so will try and finish these by Christmas. I always play a Battle Companies game with my little boy at Christmas so maybe I can complete an Orc force for that as well.

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