Thursday, November 06, 2008

Citadel Realm of Battle Gameboard

I am very excited about the new games Workshop modular plastic battle board! During our pirate games on Monday Mike of Black Hat and I were discussing the fact that one of the things that stopped us playing certain games was a lack of scenery. Although he was referring to things like the correct buildings for me it equally applies to not having the right surface.

I only recently acquired a Games Workshop battle mat so that if I was to run a game at the club I could have a reasonable surface to play on. Green snooker baize seems to be the default surface at the club but I can't say that I am particularly enamoured of it. My other issue is that I am not fond of separate hills; they always look ridiculous, especially the stepped ones.

These six plastic 2'x2' tiles look great however. Ideal for Lord of the Rings and, if you paint them appropriately very good for the Sudan. The rocks look just like the black ones in the Sudan desert. I suspect I may buy a couple of sets as they are only £100 each and they come in their own bag. They connect together using little clips so they won't slide about.
The really good news is that in this month's White Dwarf they indicated that they would be adding extra tiles for rivers etc. Fantastic!


  1. Six tiles for £100????! £16 per (unpainted) plastic tile... that's pretty steep, although I accept they are GW and will therefore be excellent quality.

    Have you ever considered the TSS tiles (same ones Giles uses)?? Half the price and ready to use (no painting required).. :o))

  2. TSS seem to have disappeared (at least their website doesn't appear) and I never liked their blocky hills. I do like the idea of having a bag to keep the scenery in. One thing I have noticed is that the whole pack weighs 30 pounds!

    I don't think I'll be using them for Napoleonics but for Lord of the Rings/Dark ages they look fine.

  3. Ah, found the TSS site -don'y know why I couldn't access it yesterday. A bit blocky for me but quite nice..