Sunday, December 07, 2008

Battle of Olustee 1864

I had forty five minutes before a meeting in the State Capitol in Tallahassee on Friday and popped into the Florida State Museum just down the road. It's a small but beautifully done museum starting with prehistoric Native Indians and moving on from there. Well worth a visit if you are ever in Tallahassee.

Like most State Museums in that part of the world, I guess, they had an exhibit on the American Civil War. Like many people, I expect, I have been trying to think of something to do with my Perry Plastic ACW figures and now, thanks to the museum, I think I have the answer. The Battle of Olustee was Florida's biggest ACW battle and was fought on February 20th 1864 by almost equal forces of about 5,000 men each. It was fought in a pine forest with no underbrush and no earthworks. There were about nine regiments on each side which looks acheivable to me.

There is also, usefully, a superb website about the battle giving loads of detail:

It featured a gallant rearguard action by some regiments of Union coloured troops (the Union forces were defeated) so I can use all those heads the Perries have come out with.

It will make a change from all the usual battles that ACW wargamers go for and is on an acheivable scale. Must get some figures painted when I return.
Good bye Florida, hello Canada today. The tour continues!


  1. I'm jealous! I've shortlisted the Battle of Olustee myself (don't they call it Ocean Pond in the South?) as a basis for my ACW collection.

    Just the right size for wargaming as you say, even in 28mm. And of course you get to field the 54th Massachusetts (the regiment from the movie "Glory").

    Enjoy Vancouver- I grew up there, and it is a beautiful place to visit. If you have time you may want to check out Imperial Hobbies for wargaming stuff.

    Always enjoy your blogs!


  2. Great! I was wondering if one of the regiments was the one from Glory, as I'm very new to ACW Even better!

    I love Vancouver and get here about once a year but won't have time to get to Imperial hobbies this time. Never mind I am back next Autumn (at the latest) so thank for the link!

    I've added your blog to my list. No doubt I will be setting up another new one for ACW!