Monday, February 02, 2009

The view from the workbench.. mainly snow. I booked a day working from home to get a report written today and now the children's schools have closed so they are running about being excited and noisy. Maybe it's just the weather to finish my latest batch of GNW Swedes instead!

Guy explores his sunken football goal!

We've just been out and it's the deepest snow I can remember in Southern Britain for over twenty five years.

My daughter, being a budding scientist, made sure that she measured it. 14 1/2 inches on the flat! It's uphill to the main road, as you can see, but not many people had tried.

Where I live is a cul-de-sac so there hadn't been a lot of through traffic.

Up at the main road it was total chaos however. People were slithering around the bend and then getting stuck trying to get up the hill. Abandoned cars left the night before didn't help. My friend took eight hours to get back from Gatwick last night, which is usually only 40 minutes drive. He had to abandon his car at the foot of a hill and walk the last two miles home. Serves him right for having a Porsche with rear wheel drive. It amazes me that so may idiots are trying to go anywhere this morning. Even the 4X4s were struggling. I did try and help push a few cars that had got stuck in the verge but only if they had attractive women in them like this little green one. Green car obviously. She wasn't a green woman. Not an Orion slave girl, unfortunately, but she was pretty cute and well worth giving a shove.

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