Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Perils of the Pile

I did a bit more on my Beja this evening and was thinking about taking some on holiday to paint. Given that I am getting on quite well with them, though, I may finish this fifteen before I leave. So I just had the Perry Miniatures page open ready to order another couple of packs when I decided to put my Musketeer Russian pikemen away to clear some space on the increasingly crowded workbench. As I did I idly looked to see what Perry British I had to paint and blow me down I found 27 Beja I hadn't started. So no need to put an order in after all. I don't remember buying them and I was convinced I needed some of the "in ambush" ones to complete a unit but, no, I had those too.

I definitely have too much on my mind at the moment with work. I'm trying to run too many countries at once (a bit like my wargames armies!) At least I have a couple of interns helping me but they will have gone by the end of August.

At least I'm not getting stressed by the painting now I have a new brush on the go. I think its time to have a glass of Rioja and watch today's Tour (Girona to Barcelona). I've been to Girona but never Barcelona. I was asked to speak at a conference in Barcelona a couple of weeks ago, all expenses paid, but I just couldn't fit it in. Rats. I would probably have just come back wanting to paint El Cid figures though!

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  1. The only time I have been to Barcelona was on my brother's stag do 4 years ago. It will be at least another 4 years before it's safe for me to go back...

    El Cid is a period I've wanted to do for ages. I think it has much more colour and atmosphere that northern/central Europe medieval periods.