Sunday, August 09, 2009

Painted figures: June and July

Much better lately as I am enjoying my painting again: 24 figures in June and 23 in July.

WW1 Germans 15
Napoleonic Dutch 4
Lord of the Rings Rohan 1
Celtic Slingers 3
Back of Beyond character 1
Balearic slingers 8
Beja infantry 15

Altogether I have managed a rather paltry 113 figures this year but I'm hoping the second part of the year will be better. That said I have four or five potential overseas trips over the next three months.

Currently, I have another 10 Beja who just need spears or flags and another 15 about half done. I'm also getting the next eight Sudan Gordon Highlanders ready in the vague hope that I can field a small unt for my Sudan game next month (unless I have to go to Argentina).

Distractions wise I want to get one of Guy's Games Workshop Warhammer 40K Imperial Guard done. He wants to do the urban type games as laid out in Cities of Death so between now and Christmas the plan is to paint one squad of Orks and one of Cadians.

Both Matt and Giles have suggested the idea of getting some part painted figures done. Giles has suggested trying to finish one a week. Easy to say when you have an army of clone painters at your disposal. I think that I will try to do the same, although I can see that this will result in my doing only one figure a week! Rather than just painting one of a unit I will aim to do a character figure. Looking at the workbench for a suitable figure I think that this week I will paint one of my mountain men to represent Frenchie Lebecque the leader of my French Canadian brigade of Hudson's Bay Company trappers. We shall see how I get on!

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