Monday, January 25, 2010

Perry Miniatures v Foundry Wars of the Roses

A quick shot of a Perry designed Foundry figure with one of their new plastics. I have just started work on a box of these.

PM figures are much more anatomically correct with smaller heads and are half a head taller. Foundry WotR are some of the older figures and to me not really compatible. I will be building separate units and gradually replace my older Foundry figures.


  1. Hate to say it and all that, but I think the metal looks far more anatomically correct than the plastic... :o)

  2. Ha, Ha!

    Fortunately we don't all have the same views on anatomy..otherwise Curteys miniatures would never sell anything! It's like who do you prefer, Nicole Kidman or Kelly Brook?

    I think that the animation on the metal figure is better (although this, to be fair, is one of the better figures in the range)but they do have big heads (a pet peeve of mine). In fact, I suspect that in seperate units they would probably work in the same army (I hope so as WotR is the only proper army I have!)

  3. Any fule no it would be Kelly - the other one is a vapid, almost transparent, wisp...... :o))

    Big head? Have you seen the size of the thighs on that Perry???? :o)

    You right... purely personal opinion... and in my case I'll admit to the fact that I just don't like the Perry plastics (so far!) - they don't seem to have any life - they all look like they have stiff legs...