Friday, April 23, 2010

Salute Eve

" I've got an old mule and her name is Sal. Fifteen miles on the Erie canal."

Well, off to Salute tomorrow with my little boy, Guy. The usual transport disruption is expected; this time of the Jubilee line and the Waterloo and City line. Oh well, at least the DLR is running so hopefully it won't be too bad. I'm going to try to be restrained this year as I really do have so much to paint. But my tragets are as follows:
Musketeer Miniatures claim they have the Russian command ready for the Great Northern War. Let's see. I want to have a look at the new Immortal plastic hoplites and the three ups of the Victrix plastics. I suspect the Victrix figures will be slightly bigger.

World's smallest Bosworth re-fight! Bottom left-Oxford, top left Norfolk, Centre Northumberland, right the Stanleys. A few more figures to do!

I want to get some Perry metal Wars of the Roses figures. Guy is doing a project on Bosworth at school and he wants to demonstrate the forces using blocks of figures. Fortunately, he has chose a ratio of 1 figure equals 500 men. I dug out some of my old Foundry figures and repainted a few in the right livery and stuck on some of the flags from the Perry plastic boxed set and elsewhere. The metal figures we need are Richard III and Henry Tudor. Guy thinks I can buy them on Saturday and have them based and ready to go for Monday. Hmm! Maybe if I paint them flat with no shading and go back and finish them later.

If there are any Foundry Darkest Africa Belgians I might get some of those too and maybe a WotR canon if I can find one. I will be keeping an eye open for the Wargames Factory Vikings too. I hope to see Matt of Waterloo to Mons and I want to see BigRedBat's Zama game.

I have a few back issues of magazines to pick up but that's it. I really will be good!

I haven't done much painting, although I did finish another six Spartans and the above mule. The mule was bought for use by my mountain men but I suspect this one will see more service in the Congo than in the West. Most of the mules used in the American West were actually bred on the Isle of Wight and exported to the States! Not many people know that! Talking of which I have developed a fascination for the Alamo and have a huge desire to buy some Mexicans and Texians. Must resist!

We will see what actually transpires tomorrow!


  1. Restraint is something I havn't got hence went to Westgate Games in canterbury this morning & bought 1 box of warlord parliamentary Cavalry instead of going to Salute!! (most of the shop were at Salute!)Whever I attend shows I come back with far too many 'goodies' & at least 3+ new projects. As a reward scheme this year I have actually got to finish models & wargames units before I attend air shows (too many model/book/aircraft print stalls)& wargames shows (far too much everything!)!! So LH what did you sucumb too?? what added temptations are added to your metal/plastic mountain?? & finish that Whirlwind!!

  2. Ah! Hergest Ridge - your choice in music is almost as good as your choice in leading ladies..

    I never knew that about the mules - is that really true?!

    Interested in your thoughts on Salute - I know I have some!