Friday, March 18, 2011

Dreaming about wargaming..

Flying Eva Air today: they have model stewardesses!

I had a rather vivid dream about wargaming last night, which is a first.  Given that I have spent the last week flying about in Asian airliners it would have been more agreeable to have had a dream about Asian stewardesses, but there you are.

It was dream set in a parallel world Guildford (many people think that Guildford is a parallel world anyway and in fact the club meets in Burpham not Guildford) where everyone was playing a strange fantasy wargame using a bizarre mixture of historical and fantasy figures in different scales.  Everyone was having a brilliant time except me as I had no idea how the rules worked.  In fact that sounds like most of my experiences at Guildford in real life.  All the other Guildford players were fictitious except for Keith who was the only one I recognised (we must do that WW1 game soon, Keith).

Now I have had other wargaming themed dreams before but these always involve the discovery of hitherto unknown figures in the back of a dusty shop somewhere.  The sort of shop that you get in films where you meet a strange and mysterious shopkeeper who sells you something remarkable but when you go back there it doesn't exist.  The former Fun, Fact and Fantasy shop in Ryde, Isle of White was just such a shop.  It was certainly the dustiest shop I had ever been in.  Anyway, the best version of this dream was discovering a whole Copplestone sculpted Arabian Nights range.  If only...

Talking of figure ranges, I note with interest the Foundry "sell off and never replace" sale at present.  Looking through the ranges that they claim they are terminating it doesn't surprise me as they are almost all ranges that are being done better and cheaper by others and, probably in plastic too (ACW, Napoleonic, Wars of the Roses).  There are a few odd packs of figures from other ranges thrown in almost randomly.  For example why cut one of the Thracian cavalry packs? I ordered a pack of these as I actually do have some painted Thracians I keep meaning to add to.  Then annoyingly, two days later they cut the other one!  I needed some more Darkest Africa figures so could swallow the £8.00 postage.  I have never been a Foundry basher but the current price of £14.00 for six figures does make me think.  I intend to search harder on eBay if I want any more, I think.

Talking of eBay, I got my TWA Lockheed Constellation from there.  Luckily it finished in the middle of the night which happened to be morning here in Taiwan.

Quite missing painting at the moment but still have another week to go in Asia.  Off to Hanoi now.

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