Friday, April 15, 2011

Salute Eve

Ah, Salute Eve rolls around again and with blisteringly brilliant timing my first regular payment for the job my firm is working on in Argentina came in from Buenos Aires today.  So Salute is now not looking as thin as I thought it might!

Things I am looking forward to seeing are Matt's Schleswig game, the Hail, Caesar demo and the Gallipoli game from Gripping Beast and Grand Manner.  I am keen to see what plastics the Perries are coming up with (and finding out what is happening on the plastic Mahdists) and the same on the Immortal Persians.  I am hoping to buy some Musketeer GNW Swedish cavalry (at last!) and some Mutineer Indian Mutiny figures. 

Other than that...who knows?


  1. The game is packed and on the kitchen table. Sandwiches are made. Car is fuelled. Alarm is set. I have my pocket money in my pocket. Niggling feeling I have forgotten something! See you tomorrow.

  2. Take some photo's for us non-Englishmen.