Friday, March 30, 2012

Dark Sphere

I had a spare half hour yesterday between meetings (well, afternoon tea with a lovely Russian girl and drinks with a friend) yesterday and remembered reading on TMP the other day about a shop near Waterloo station that sold figures. I travel in and out of Waterloo most days but hadn't realised this shop was there.  Well, that is not quite correct, as I had passed it on the other side of the road some months ago but assumed it was a video game shop.  

Going inside yesterday I saw that, in fact, it is mostly figures, plus some board and trading card games.  At the rear of the shop is a room devoted to Games Workshop stuff which they sell at 20% discount.  At the front of the store is a very large Flames of War section, some fantasy figures (Uncharted Seas I noticed) and scenics.  They also had Warlord Games and Victrix plastics as well as the complete range of Wargames Factory plastics.  No Perry plastics, though.  All of these carry a 10% discount.  

I bought the Wargames Factory Skeleton Warriors for my Argonauts projects and also succumbed to some Victrix 1807-1812 French.   The latter come in a box of sixty figures and are perfect for the Peninsula (oh dear!) but they are huge!  They are 30mm foot to eye so I hope the other figures in the range are similarly sized.  Very tall Prussians might be acceptable but French?

The only other thing about the Victrix figures, and I have noticed it too with the new Fireforge Teutonic Knights, is that they cram the sprues so tightly into the boxes it is very hard to get them out without damaging them and almost impossible to put them back in again once you have taken them out to have a look at.

The Wargames Factory skeletons are the most delicate looking plastics I have ever seen, to the extent that most people say they are actually too delicate to game with.  However, they look just right for Harryhausenesque skeletons so we will have to see.

Given I have never painted more than a few from any box of plastics I have ever bought (except Lord of the Rings) I really need to get some painted before I visit this shop again!

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