Saturday, April 14, 2012

Getting ready for Salute

Five pence pieces ready for Salute!

I'm hoping to go to Salute next week, if I can fit it around Guy going shooting at Bisley, where he has to get rated on the SA80.  One strange thing I have always done is save any five pence coins I get given in change and I pop them in a wine bottle.  It takes around three years to fill and  holds about £78 when full.  This will provide me with some of my Salute money this year.  The only problem is that the bank will only take £25 in change a day from one person so I better get paying it in!  I also collect £2 coins in the same way but these can just be spent on the day.

I am really not intending to buy much this year except maybe some Perry ACW and their new plastic mounted men-at-arms for my Wars of the Roses army which, at present, has no horse.  Of course I always say that but I am really going to be good this year. Honest.

This time I shall try to remember to put a card in my camera (unlike last year) so I can take a few pictures (I wonder how many pictures of Salute appear on the various wargaming blogs in the days afterwards?).  I'm particularly looking forward to seeing the Warlords Captain Scarlet game and know I might have trouble resisting some of the Crooked Dice not-Spectrum figures, although I suspect they may sell out on the day!  Although Thunderbirds was really my Gerry Anderson show (I met him briefly at a concert of Barry Gray music at the Festival Hall a few years ago) my sister really liked Captain Scarlet and recently treated herself to the complete box set.  I hadn't seen any since they first came out and when we sat down to watch a few episodes the other weekend we realised that they really are quite dark for a children's show.  She gave me the new CGI animated DVDs for Christmas but I haven't watched them all yet.  They are pretty good (I loved the episode with the Lancaster bomber) and it's a shame they didn't make more than the two series but they were stuffed away on children's ITV and chopped up into episodelets, as modern children can't watch anything longer than eight minutes long, it seems.  I still prefer the puppet Destiny to the CGI version though!

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