Monday, June 18, 2012

More 18mm Fantasy

 June 18th

Some people use a points system to keep track of how much they have painted and I can see the sense in this; as a horse and rider takes a lot more painting than a foot figure, for example.  My system is a very blunt instrument, however, and one piece gets 1 point whether it is one foot figure, a man on a horse or an artillery piece.  There is an argument, I suppose, for giving 15mm figures less points because they are smaller.  However, these Copplestone Castings fantasy figures take as much time to paint as 28mm figures I am finding.

June 5th

Here we have the next eight (after the seven I painted earlier) but I still have another nineteen to paint until I will get some more as I am rationing myself (unusually).  I took a picture of these when I first started to paint them so can tell that, rather surprisingly this picture was taken on 5th June which means I have finished them in less than two weeks.  This is especially good as I was in Boston for a week during that period and also finishing the Darkest Africa wangwana, standard bearer and pirate girl as well as starting another unit of 28mm (non-Darkest Africa) figures which are well under way.  

I really am starting to get some more painting done at last, again, after a very fallow six months.  I have a lot of part-painted figures on the workbench at present so starting another unit last week probably wasn’t a good idea but they have simple uniforms and I hope to get them done next.  I have also started on the Baluchis but these are going to be slow work I think.  


  1. Well done, good to see your painting progressing.

    What did you think of Iron Sky?

  2. I bought it cheap in a supermarket, had never heard of it and had low expectations when I found out it was essentially an amateur film. However, I really enjoyed it much to my surprise. Good acting, excellent special effects and quite funny.

  3. Good to see you painting again. Bought Iron Sky weeks back and nearly wet myself laughing at some of the lines-especially the one about ladies "Fuhrer moustaches"!!!