Friday, July 06, 2012

Foundry cut their last

So, Foundry have announced that they are cutting their flat rate postage from £8 to £4.  Although this is still higher than most manufacturers 10-15% it still makes a big difference to me when ordering.  I rarely want enough figures in one go to warrant free postage but for 3 or 4 packs I'm happy to pay £4.  Now I can get those new Tribes of Legend Amazons, along with the odd pack of Darkest Africa I need for my Arab slaver force.  A sensible move.

These new Amazon Hoplites remind me of my Greek ex-girlfriend F in all her blue-black bushiness...


  1. About bloody time they got their finger out their butt!!! I too appreciate the lovely Miss Heady!!

  2. I think a new brush has arrived at foundry!
    Miss Heady is a great looking figure als0!

  3. Has this reduced thier international postal rates?
    I did enjoy the puppy noses ;-)

  4. Yes, they have dropped international postage to £5.00