Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas is saved!

Well, when I last posted Christmas was looking grim but everything turned around in 18 hours!  My younger sister-in-laws family announced that they were all ill but were going down to my other sister-in-law for Christmas anyway.  Her children have not only had every child illness going but now they are working through ones even Dr Miriam Stoppard has never heard of.  Snivelling scum! My wife, worried about our children picking up dreaded diseases before exams in January said that we weren't going down for family Christmas, therefore, but we would do it at home,  This was 2.00pm on Christmas Eve!  Straight off to Waitrose to buy Christmas dinner.  Just got one of the last Turkeys, the last sprouts, etc etc.  

Return home and the evil troll family (as Guy calls them) have decided not to go to Christmas lunch at all as the boy troll is too ill.  He is the one who eats all the sausages and bacon rolls at lunch.  So my wife's parents persuade us to go down for lunch the next day after all.  The children are upset as they wanted to do a Christmas meal at home for the first time.  So we cook it all for Christmas Eve dinner.  Very continental!

Yes, that is a full sized dinner plate it's on!

Next morning my daughter gives me the GW The Hobbit trolls set and a massive pork pie for Christmas.  She paid for it all herself with money she had earned doing some work at a craft fair.  What a good girl!  Glad I got her the One Direction tickets now!

My brother in law goes for more bacon rolls.  But not this year, matey!

Went down to my sister in law's and without the troll family it was much more civilised.  There was more food for a start as the troll family weren't there to scoff it all before anyone else got a chance.  Still no first course but my brother in law opened a bottle of Bollinger before lunch and a Berry Bros Margaux at lunch.  Shock! 

Then my parents in law gave me the Saul David Military Blunders book.  An excellent choice which they decided upon on their own!  

Today I have been happily making trolls all day and even doing some painting.

Christmas saved!


  1. Thank God the trolls didn't get the chance to see the pork pie! Saved by germ warfare...a most inventive plan!

  2. Good to hear Xmas was a success... you know what they say, "you can choose your friends, but..."

    Must admit we nearly didn't have Xmas ourselves as #1 Son got sent to hospital by local GP at 4pm Xmas Eve! Thankfully after a couple of tests we got the all clear and were back home 11.55pm Xmas eve... shattered but relieved we weren't spending Xmas day in hospital!

    Nice set of trolls, must admit they are next on my to purchase list...

    All the best for the New Year, Sir!


  3. Matt, yes, my troll-like Brother in Law (he is 23 stone) would demolish a pie like that in a few minutes!

    Scott, that was lucky! The Force must have been with him!

    Might get the first troll undercoated tomorrow and it's a simple enough colour scheme..

    Happy New Year to you too!

  4. As a pork pie aficionado (and all round fat git) I have to tell you that the picture made my mouth water.... we need more details.... Melton Mowbray??