Sunday, July 07, 2013


Thanks to Juergen Olk for becoming my 100th follower.  I never thought that I would reach such lofty heights especially considering I don't actually write about wargaming that much!  

I am currently enroute from Texas to Bogota having enjoyed a couple of days relaxing in Houston with S where I discovered the excellent Saint Arnold brewery's local craft ales (as they call them).  Also had a particularly good Vodka Martini in the Monarch restaurant.

Given I don't like flying I'm not looking forward to the eight more flights I have to make in the next ten days or so.  Hearing about air crashes in America does not help.  I nearly had to fly on to Mexico next week but managed to get out of it.  Just as well as Popocatpetl is kicking up again.  I flew over this impressive volcano once on my way from Mexico City to Bogota in 2010 but am very glad I don't have to this time!

Just watched Andy Murray win Wimbledon this morning.  First time I've seen him looking happy.  He lives just around the corner from the Legatus and we often see him out running or on the terrace outside The Bear pub.  He always looks so grumpy.  Maybe he'll cheer up a bit now!

Also enjoying the Tour and delighted to find that NBC have Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen doing the commentary too.  Hope I can keep watching in Colombia!  New Colombian climbing sensation Nairo Quintana, who attacked so impressively yesterday, was born not far from the battlefield of Boyaca.  I intend to get to work on some of my British legion when I return at the end of next week as I actually did an hour's painting shortly before I left on Friday so hope I can keep my enthusiasm up when I return!


  1. Congrats on the 100 and just found out that Murray won as well.

  2. Well done on the 100. Always nice to know ones inane whitterings keep folk round the globe entertained ! ;-)

  3. That Murray is such a grumpy fellow, like you I hope he's bloody happy now!