Saturday, February 01, 2014

Paint Table Saturday...with added sunshine!

Well, here is a surprise for paint table Saturday (the first in the Chinese New Year). Sun!  It's been the wettest January in the South East of England for a hundred years with 237% of the normal monthly rainfall.  The local river, the Mole, is due to burst its banks again in an hour.  Glad we live on a hill.

Now, I was contemplating working on my Chinese Back of Beyond cavalry today to celebrate the Year of the Horse but since last week I have arranged a game of In Her Majesty's name with Alastair at Guildford Wargames club so I better get on with completing  a faction.  So today it's all effort concentrated on the Servants of Ra!


  1. Thanks for participating and showing us your paint table! I added your link in my blog post. Great paint job on those mini's!
    Greetings, Sofie

  2. I've got sun today too. Its very nice to have after all the storms.

  3. Looking forward in seeing the endresult!

    Kind regards

  4. Classic paint table pic - many things on the go all round the periphery of the shot! Tickled me to see Gimli and a couple of Foundry Pirates there too!