Saturday, October 18, 2014

Paint Table Saturday

I won't be getting anything done today, I suspect, as we are off to support Guy at the Silver Sculls rowing regatta in Walton.  Also the light is not very good but maybe I will get the sand onto the bases of the velites which I forgot to do last week.


  1. Any progress, is to be applauded and how lovely to see young people doing their bit to collect money for charity. ;)

  2. Progress is Progress! Hope you enjoyed the game.

  3. Hi @Legatus Hedlius

    I have 'luckily' stumbled upon your page, I am 20 years old currently a History undergraduate and came across a post of yourself from Feb 2012 (

    I am really fascinated by your discovery of the 'British Pluck Tobacco' advertisement you found and was wondering if you could tell me its direct source?

    As my dissertation is looking at the Boer War, and its impact on boys - for example how toy soldiers prepared boys for future military roles etc - particularly concentrating on newspaper advertising of an imperial sentiment aimed at boys.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated and your work would be accredited in my dissertation final draft, many thanks. Angus

    1. The poster (it was a poster not, for example, a magazine advertisement) for Ogden’s Rich Dark Flake Virginia tobacco (“British pluck” was not the name of the tobacco merely patriotic wording for the Boer War period poster). Ogden’s was founded by James Ogden in Liverpool in 1860, later becoming part of the newly formed Imperial Tobacco in 1902 (i.e. just after this advertisement).

      I found this picture (along with some other non-military themes ones) in the December 1969 (Volume 4 no 12) issue of Mayfair Magazine.

      That’s all I have, I’m afraid.

  4. thankyou for the swift reply! I will try and find it and any similar
    i don't know if yourself/anyone affiliated with this site knows of any prominent toy solider advertisements of a similar nature that circled around at the beginning of the twentieth century?

    1. Britains are the key manufacturer in this period as I am sure you know:

      You might want to contact this chap who wrote a book about their adverts: