Friday, October 03, 2014

Victrix Republican Romans

After a four and a half year gap there is a new post on my Punic Wars Blog where I take an initial look at the new plastic Victrix Republican Romans in chainmail.  I hope to do a bit on them this weekend.  This is for Geordie who prefers Romans to girls!


  1. Nice looking figs. Look forward to seeing them with a splash of paint on them :)

  2. I'm about the same place you are with your Romans. Today I hope to prime them for paint. Looking forward to see how you progress with.

  3. Good start - I presume shields will be added later?

  4. Thanks Legatus these plastic beauties are all I want for Xmas ;)
    In the meantime my AWI interest is also taking root, trouble is I sense many Perrys metals are also needed to complete the collection

    1. I assume you already know about Giles Allison's blog, Tarleton's Quarter. Full of useful stuff! He has nearly had me going down the AWI route many times!

  5. Thank you again!
    Absolutely fantastic AWI stuff