Saturday, September 26, 2015

Paint Table Saturday September 26th 2015

Well, I have actually done some painting on Saturday.  I am working on these Lucid Eye Neanderthals, as they have been sitting on the paint table for eighteen months.  They are very nice to paint but there is an awful lot of fur!  This is what I wanted on Frostgrave figures!  Fur cloaks!  I wonder whether I can sculpt some with Greenstuff?


  1. Or you could add a Neanderthal shaman to this bunch and use them as your warband/party...

    Fur cloaks shouldn't be too hard to sculpt with greenstuff.

    Looking good so far :)

  2. Great to see activity at your painting table!

    Ms Gallacher looks a 10 to me.

  3. Excellent! Yes I want my Frostgrave miniatures have fur too. The official Frostgrave witch pack should work with these guys as soldiers.

  4. Ah, synchronicity! I was thinking about Neanderthals for a new project. I'm off to Lucid Eye. Thank you Sir!

  5. I do like the look of these, I am afraid that I shall probably give in to temptation before too one.

  6. Your style is very primitive. ;)
    I love these guys. You need a Raquel Welch figure in a fur bikini to go with them.

    1. Like these?