Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Four months on Facebook - time for a cull

So far my experience of Facebook has been more positive than negative but recently, when looking at the Home section I realised that none of the posts were really about wargaming, which is the main reason I signed up.  So, rather like Tango01's posts on The Miniatures Page, posts I might be interested in are being swamped by stuff which I have no interest in whatsoever.  So, although it may seem slightly peculiar, given the nature of Facebook, I have decided to unfriend a lot of pages.  I will keep those of people I have actually met in real life, those who post wargames or military history content and those who post comments on my blogs (on the whole).  But I have decided to unfriend pages (and there is no insult to the people behind them) which: just post endless so called funny captions (create your own content, don't recycle other people's),  constantly ask me to share stuff, are written by people who rant on about politics or are pages obviously put together for family purposes and don't reflect their wargames interests (fair enough).  Total wargaming content isn't required (I don't do that myself) and I do particularly enjoy seeing other peoples photographs, even if they don't have military content, (and pictures of food, obviously!) but some de-cluttering was called for!

I think I have dropped about 20 pages now.  Maybe a few more to go.  


  1. It amazes me that a lot of people associated or running wargaming companies post lots of political posts and seemingly don't ever think that it might turn existing or potential customers against them.
    I signed up for FB after persistent persuasion from another wargamer and then when I got on there all I found was him posting shared posts about politics.
    In comparison, when I view my Google+ pages all I see are hobby related posts.

    Roy Williamson @ http://nevermindthejankers.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. Yes, one particular person's incessant rants have quite put me off buying any more of his product!

  2. Yes this is a common problem! For the most part I just posts from wargaming groups I belong to on FB these days.

  3. I don't much use Facebook myself, but I believe that, short of unfriending pages, one can simply choose not to follow them. There is an option for that somewhere.