Sunday, June 19, 2016

Paint table Sunday- prehistorics!

I got another forty five minutes painting done today (I don't seem to be able to concentrate for more than that time now) and did some more work on my cavegirls and a trio of cavemen which I found in a box but hadn't started.  Given I was out and about most of the day it was nice to get anything done, really.

As soon as I saw Mark Copplestone's cavemen and (especially) cavegirls I knew I had to have them, even if I wasn't quite sure what I would do with them. I'm not sure when they came out (certainly around 2005 if not before - before this blog, anyway).  Unusually for me, I painted most of them (above) straight away leaving just the three male figures in the top picture.  I then went and bought another set of cavegirls which I am working on now

Steve Saleh Neanderthals versus Copplestone cavemen "We want your women!  And pigs!"

Even more unusually some of them actually saw a game, when I took part in a game of Steve Barber's Prehistoric Settlement at Guildford, organised by Matakishi.  This was a very good game but I realised that Copplestone didn't make some of the key figures you need for a game (such as archers, for example).  This isn't really a problem as there are some old Copplestone sculpted barbarians around somewhere which would do.

Should have brought a bigger spear

You also need several civilian figures (such as berry pickers) but the old Steve Barber ones were pretty horrible and only 25mm as well, although recently he has brought out some rather better replacements.  The Copplestone Terror Bird is considerably larger than the Steve Barber one but that doesn't matter for a Lost World scenario, especially as paleontologists can't agree if Phorusrhacidae (you can see why the name Terror Birds caught on) overlapped with humans at any point.  They did, at least, originate in South America, so plausibly (not that I should be worrying about plausibility but I do) could be on our Lost World plateau.

Anyway, I am wondering whether the new Tribal rules might be worth picking up as it has extra rules for the stone age and doesn't seem to require many figures.   I doubt that they have rules for wild animals, such as sabre tooths, but a Stone Age supplement is in the planning stages.  Now where did I put the mammoth I bought at Salute two years ago?


  1. Great looking cavemen and cavegirls, new adventures are coming!

  2. They look wonderful and go well with the Lucid Eye Neanderthals. I've recently got back my painted Lucid Eye Cro-Magnons from Matt Slade...the Neanderthals are on the waiting list!

  3. Progress is progress and I seeing these feel the need for more Cavemen and Cavewomen in my life!

  4. The next supplement for Tribal will be for Prehistoric tribes - Primeval.
    And it will include rules for fielding animals in games. Sabretooths included.