Thursday, October 05, 2006


I looked at my Darkest Africa figures and decided that I would, on refelction, concentrate on some more Fuzzy Wuzzies as I had already based and undercoated them.

I felt that I was well on the way to a viable The Sword and the Flame Force so shouldn't wander off into other parts of Africa for the time being.

Progress on these will be recorded on my Sudan blog.

I put nearly all the other figures I had out on the workbench (nearly 200 of them) away and just left the Fuzzies, some Sudan British, a unit of A&A 3rd century Roman Archers and some Perry Napoleonics out. The rationale being that the British are part of the same exercise as the Beja, the Romans are well on the way and could be completed quickly and the Napoleonics are just there if I feel like a change for an hour or so. We'll see how it works! So far I've managed to paint the skin on the Fuzszies but the dark mornings and evenings are really reducing my painting time.

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