Monday, October 02, 2006

Time for more focus. Again

I'm not getting so much painted lately due to the shorter days. I also have a lot of overseas trips coming up. My workbench is even more out of control than usual at the moment: Carolingians, Arthurian, Saxons, Vikings, Byzantines, Spartans, Mahdists, British Sudan, French and Dutch Napoleonic, Cavemen and loads more I can't even remember. I don't have any club projects coming up that require me to paint figures (I finished the Earl of Somerset and a standard bearer last night for today's Tewkesbury refight) so I think I need a sort out again. I am trying to get my study tidy and all the little pots of basing materials are all over the place. If I put away all my half painted figures and just concentrate on one sort for two weeks we will see what we can achieve. I need to choose something that will keep me engaged and, preferably something which doesn't involve non-uniformed troops like the Dark Ages ones.
I was inspired by Matakishi's single minded approach to projects having met him last week and maybe I need to take a tea leaf out of his book and really work on something without distraction.
There are two possibilities. Either I carry on with my Sudan forces as I have enough figures to complete two more units for The Sword and the Flame, or I start a completely new project but using figures I already have. I have two Darkest Africa forces to start: Somalis and Ngoni. These are Copplestone figures so should be easy to paint. The Somalis would be quicker as all of their clothes are white. Ive' even based a few and undercoated some. The Ngoni would be able to join an army I have already painted of Ruga Ruga to make a Mirambo type warlord army. Before I decide maybe I'll look at the figures again.
Everything else needs to go back in their boxes!

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  1. Well, if you need some inspiration, check out my romans blog. I started and finished it in two months (yeah, I can´t believe it either)

    It seems this blog thing actually works for projects :)

    Cheers, and keep up´the nice painting.