Thursday, January 04, 2007

Warg Riders!

I played a Lord of the Rings Battle Companies game against my little boy on Tuesday. This was our second game. He had Uruk Hai and I had Rohan (but without my Captain as Guy had knocked him out for a game last time). Guy won as usual but having about 6 archers helped. I told him that the new version of the battle Companies rules only allow 30% archers. Rather reluctantly he agreed that as they were killed off in future games he would replace them with normal troops.

In our upgrade session afterwards we rolled for 3 figures I hadn't got painted: a normal Orc, a Warg Rider (without bow!) and I won a Rohan Royal Guard on horseback. He wants to play again on Sunday so I have to get these three painted by then. The Warg rider is the first one finished. Here it is with the only other Warg rider I have done. These Perry designed LotR figures are lovely to paint.

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