Monday, February 12, 2007

The rationalisation continues..

I have decided that there are so many armies I really want to paint that I should stop pretending with those that I know I will never paint! Given that I am running out of bookshelf space then the various supporting Ospreys etc will have to go too.
The first armies to bite the dust will be:
American War of Independence
This is hard given the lovely Perry figures and the fact that I have always wanted to do a woods and lakes of North America type scenario. But I have come to accept that horse and musket figures are so time consuming to paint (all those cursed cross belts and buttons) that I would rather hang on to the vague possibility of doing Napoleonics one day. My pine tree and water fetish can be fulfilled by the lovely Conquest French Indian Wars figures-especially as there is a The Sword and the Flame variant for them and you wouldn't need too many figures.
Hundred Years War
OK, I haven't got any figures but I have bought several books on Agincourt inspired largely by the book The War Game which I got for Christmas when I was about 11. It had a lovely recreation of Agincourt using Peter Gilder's figures. The Perry figures, again, are gorgeous but the thought of painting all those heraldic devices..! I am happy with my Wars of the Roses army for this period.
Goths and Late Romans
I have some Newline Goths bought at a time when I was considering a Late Roman Army. I also bought some Black Tree Designs late Romans. As I am already painting EIR, MIR, Punic and Caesarian Romans I can't see myself getting round to these in the near future. If I did I would probably go for Gripping Beast as they have opponents as well.
This is quite a tough one as I have quite a few of these but if I do Bronze Age I am much more attracted by the Foundry Bronze Age Northern Europeans and Trojans.
So big stuff on ebay over the next month or so.

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