Monday, February 12, 2007

So what's next?

Given what I am getting rid of what should I be planning for over the rest of the year?
Punic War and Greeks
At present I am working on troops for the Society of Ancients Cynoscephalae Battle Day in May. I have painted two legions of Punic Romans and am now doing some Greek auxiliaries that I can use to form part of a planned Greek Mercenary force. I have Italian allies to finish as well.
I was going to paint a Carthaginian army to field against the Romans (given that I already have a hefty number of Celts). The new Crusader Spanish looked really nice so I bought a bunch of those and I will turn to those on the basis that Little Big Man studios have some shield transfers out by then.
Age of Arthur
The new WAB supplement is fabulous and I already have half a unit of early Saxons painted. the fact that there are no cavalry to paint for this army is very appealing!
I have around 20 Perry Beja started (and over 35 finished). These are very quick to paint and I'd like to get enough finished for an army this year. I reckon about 80 infantry and 20 cavalry would give a good force to start with and this is achievable. I got a whole bunch done on holiday last year and there is no reason I can't get some more done this August. The problem is that the British take longer but at least you don't need so many!
Vikings and Carolingians
Finished two big units of Vikings with another well under way. The Carolingians make a nice complement (and an opponent) so will continue with these definitely.
Phew, I think that is enough for 2007!

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