Monday, July 02, 2007

Darkest Africa: First new figure

I have decided that whilst I continue with my Sudan project I should have a subsidiary project on the go so I don't get too bored by painting hundreds of Beja.
I have decided to paint some more Darkest Africa figures. This will include some newly painted character figures, like Sir Samuel Baker above, and some repaints of some of my old ones which are looking a bit tired. Plus I will try to do a unit of new figures every now and again.
Currently, I have a force of Azande spearmen, a Belgian Askari command group and Sir Richard Burton based and ready for undercoating. In addition, I am tidying up my 8 Azande archers, Sidi Bombay, HM Stanley and Jane.
These will all appear on my Return to Darkest Africa site:

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