Monday, July 02, 2007

Painted figures for June

Only 23 this month, and that's for a five week month (by Shire reckoning). I had one week where I didn't get anything done due to a business trip and last week I only actually finished one figure. Annoyingly, I did get eleven completed tonight but they will have to go towards July's total.


9 Royal Navy sailors for the Sudan
3 Beja on camels
4 Beja foot

5 Spartan Hoplites
1 Athenian Hoplite

1 Darkest Africa explorer

So that's 164 figures in 26 weeks which means that I am running 8 ahead of my six figures a week schedule.

Let's hope July will give me a big boost. No business trips for two months but it looks like they are stacking up for September and October (Canada, USA, Mexico, South Africa and Sweden).

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