Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Warhammer Ancient Battles Armies

It is a source of much amusement to the likes of Mike, of Black Hat Miniatures, that I am constantly working on dozens of Warhammer Ancient Battles Armies but never actually finish one (if you can ever finish an army!)

Recently I have decided to admit that I am never going to get some armies painted so they will have to go on eBay. These include my Ancient Egyptians, Aztecs, American Civil War and American War of Independence figures.

A quick analysis of what I have left, just for WAB, is still rather alarming (figures in bold I actually have one or more units painted, figures in italics a a half dozen or dozen or so figures. The rest are unpainted or only consist of one or two painted figures:

Bronze Age Northern European
Classical Spartan
Classical Greek
Later Spartans
Macedonian Greek
Republican Roman

Caesarian Roman
Early Imperial Roman
Third Century Roman

Ancient German
Ancient Iberian

Early Saxon
Romano British
Late Saxon

The only ones I am currently working on are the Early Saxons. The various Greek armies only get a bold entry as I painted over 60 skirmishers and cavalry for Cynoscephalae and they can be used across several armies. The three armies which are closest to being viable WAB armies are the Early Imperial Roman (1500 pts), Gallic (600 pts) Viking (600 pts) and Ancient Germans (1200 pts). I keep thinking that I need to get on and do a couple more units for these bigger ones. A unit of Cavalry, another unit of Auxiliaries, and a bolt thrower would probably give me 2000 points for the Romans (they are currently about 1600).
So many armies so little time.

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