Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Warlord Games Plastic Romans

Warlord Games plastic Roman vs Saleh Foundry

When I heard about these I was genuinely excited. More excited than by the Perry ACW as Romans is really what I am about. Also, what a brilliant idea to get one given away with Wargames Illustrated.

However, when I unwrapped my little plastic bag I was very disappointed. Not by the quality of the figure, which is simply excellent, but by the size. It's hard to tell as the figure is not standing up straight but it's closer to 25mm than 28mm. Maybe 26mm. Certainly it is dwarfed by my Steve Saleh Foundry Romans. Admittedly these are big but I bought them to go against my Renegade Celts which are also large.

Warlord vs Gripping Beast

It is certainly smaller than the Gripping Beast EIR (although much better proportioned) and even smaller than the Perry Foundry figures although these are probably the closest in compatibility. The Warlord figures have more in proportion heads, which is good.

Warlord vs Perry Foundry

Putting them next to a selection of opponents from different manufacturers they are certainly tiny. Given I have quite large painted Ancient German and Celt armies I am not going to use out of scale Romans against them.

L to R: Foundry German, Warlord Roman, Gripping Beast Celt, A&A Celt, Renegade Celt.

This is a real shame as the figure is well proportioned, nicely animated and very detailed. certainly if I was starting EIR from scratch I would probably go with these new Warlord figures, especially as the extras from the Foundry Perry range could be used for the more unusual figures.

I'm just not going to start a whole new army of Romans having already got four units. Let's hope Steve Saleh does some more EIR for Artizan although the chances of this are now small with two new ranges of plastics appearing, sadly. When is someone going to do Varus period legionaries from AD 9?


  1. You would be suprised. Wait some months ;-) There would be salesh style legionaries in dacian war armour, new gladius poses, legion command, artillery etc, all in 28mm scale.

  2. So will they match the older Minifigs 25mm?

    We've had scale creep but is this is the credit crunch taking effect?

  3. They are very small and, even worse, the metal figures are much bigger. So I need to buy some metals and see whetehr to carry on with tghe Warlord army or go back to big Foundry with Crusader command..