Thursday, April 25, 2013

Renedra Ramshackle Barn

One thing I don't spend enough time on is scenery and in skirmish wargaming, in particular, large amounts of scenery are often a necessity.  I've got some trees, hills and now even a small river (which still needs some work) but very little in the way of buildings.  I have quite a few resin ones from Grand Manner but very few are painted.  

So when I saw this new Renedra plastic kit of a ramshackle (from the Middle English word to pillage, ransaken and hence ransack) I thought it might be a useful item for a number of periods from ACW onwards.  Immediately I thought it could form part of my vague ideas for a board for In Her Majesty's Name.  Normally I would bring it home and forget about it but my lack of good condition paintbrushes (since remedied) meant I couldn't paint any figures properly so I set to work on constructing the barn instead.

It went together quite well without it being completely easy.  The nature of the roof meant that achieving a snug fit was impossible and the small outhouse was tricky to get straight but I soon had a reasonable approximation of the one on the cover.  I decided to mount it on a base as it didn't feel that robust without one 

"Are you my mummy?"

A quick undercoat of black paint and then four or five shades of dry-brushed Humbrol number 98 brown saw it looking suitable scruffy.  I know it looks grey but however I photograph it the colours won't come out properly.

Anyway, I enjoyed painting it so much I am going to work on a building for my Darkest Africa campaign next.


  1. I'm really liking that barn! Want one...


  2. Any problems with the roof(s) aren't visible in the pictures. It looks good.

  3. Wow that's turned out very well.

    I like the colour, the 'grey colour' actually works very well ... if you ever look at old wood its actually more a grey colour anyway due to weathering, rather than brown, and often green in patches due to mold moss and lichen..., as you have done.

    Top notch stuff!

  4. The bottom one is closest to its actual colour.

  5. Scenery will always be king, excellent work

  6. Great job, I think the colors look fantastic.