Monday, March 30, 2009

First Schleswig Wars Dane

Well here is my first Dane from Waterloo to Mons' new Schleswig Wars range. He actually looks a lot better than this but my wide angled camera and my dodgy painting doesn't help! Onto a Schleswig army figure next!


  1. Superb...excellent painting nearly finished my first Dane, though its an officer & havn't got details of collar & cuffs gold lace/white lace?....I need my reference book Amazon!

  2. Very nice. An interesting period and neat figures. If you like veering off into unknown theatres of middle 19th century Europe, may I try to tweak your interest in the Carlist Wars... ;^)

    Best wishes


  3. Don't!!!! Fortunately, given my ancestry I feel more affinity for Baltic people than Iberians!