Monday, March 23, 2009

It's Salute Week!

I didn't get to Salute last year as I was in India but, hopefully, if all the transport links work, my little boy and I should be going on Saturday.

There are many, many things I want to have a look at and even more I want to buy. The situation is made worse by the fact that I have just had my bonus. I've never had a proper bonus before but the new firm pays them. It is a very bad thing that it has arrived six days before Salute. Essentially it means I don't have to budget this year and as I usually spend a couple of hundred pounds this is good news for traders!

Top things to do:

Go to the Empress Miniatures stand and meet the mysterious Empresses (I now know one of them is called Lorraine). Their latest Zulu Wars stuff is tremendous!

Try and find Matt at the Continental Wargames Group (or whatever they are called) to look at his lovely new Schleswig figures.

Pick up some more Great Wars Miniatures: especially their new British Cavalry.

Have a look at Immortal Miniatures. At last someone is doing a really good range of Ancient Persians!

The Perries are going to be there in their own right so it's plastic British and a look at their Quatre Bras display.

As usual I will go to Dave Thomas, Gripping Beast (I want to have a look at the Woodbine WW1 figures), Copplestone (how am I going to resist his new late 17th century range), Foundry (very taken by the Anglo Saxons they first showed two years ago), Grand Manner (I always want to buy everything on Dave's stand), Magnetic Displays (need lots more sticky stuff), Musketeer Miniatures (stop faffing about with fantasy British Civil War and get your GNW Russians out!) and no doubt many more.


  1. Bonus blimey/Crickey if only! & what timing!! Immortal Minis tempt me too the Persian light cavalry look splendid, The Great Wars Minis Cavalry is very nice might paint them soon as a break from the Belgies (Brigade models might launch Belgian dog carts at Salute tho!) Woodbines Figs are great the naval Division alternative heads were very welcome with my family connection the figures arn't as stocky as Great war, Then there's plastic perry's & Warlord ECW and thats before late 17thC Copplestones!! I just can't afford to attend & book the family hols in the same week!!!!!2 weeks at Herne Bay (5 miles away) might not be popular!!!But there again.........

  2. Stephen - I'll be there so hopefully we'll bump into each other at some point. Presumably you will be easy to spot as the man most heavily laden with purchases!