Thursday, April 09, 2009


First warband and a bit ready to go

I don't get to Guildford Wargames Club very often as I am out the country about a third of the year and quite often have evening functions to go to as well. So given the few days I am around it's then rare to find a game I actually want to play. I much prefer to take part in games where I can field my own figures but as my collection is (meaning that I have lots of armies of 20 figures) I don't often find a game I can make and have the figures for. However, on 20th April we will be doing a Romans v Barbarians game. It will be a rather unhistoric alliance of Celts and Germans against Romans. Well, not that unhistoric as the Celts and German tribes did sometimes collaborate but in a rather earlier period than the Early Imperial Romans that John and Keith will be fielding.

My contribution will be to field half of the barbarian force: 1000 WAB points of warbands. So, over the next ten days I will be trying to get a few more Germans finished, make some movement trays and tidy up the bases on my Germans.

I bought a lot of the Foundry Copplestone Germans years ago and have since picked up more on eBay. I have about 48 painted and based properly with static grass and about another 40 where the bases need re-doing as they were done in my pre-static grass period. Today I managed to get about 20 figures well on the way and I should get these done by the end of the long weekend. I'd also like to do another half dozen cavalry but that may be pushing it. We shall see. Finished units will be posted on my Roman blog.

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