Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Wargame! Shock!

My Celtic Warbands wait for the off

I actually got along to Guildford last night for the first time in five months! We played a very traditional WAB Romans v Britons game which was just great.

So I came away thinking that I must paint more Germans or Celts (Germans are quicker) but then I picked up some of Mike's 15mm Black Hat Marlburian French for a club project. http://blackhat.co.uk/ Oh dear, I haven't tried to paint 15mm since some Peter Pig Romans about eight years ago. I only have to do an 18 man unit but... let's see. I'll either enjoy painting them or not. We shall see!


  1. Legatus - a double whammy of a post.. First a good game report, but ah, the second piece of news is good indeed.. I look forward to seeing what you can do with the 15mm's... the Black Hat infantry figures are fine indeed (not sure I like the cavalry as much - too big, and the riders have a very odd seating pose) but I've enjoyed painting mine very much.

    I would heavily recommend one of those light-up/magnifying glass devices.. I swear by mine...

  2. Great new look to the blog and Black Hat infantry are excellent, my next 15mm regiment will comprise of them once the buffs are complete. Must get one of those light up magnifiers as recommended by Steve,'microscope scale' does 'try' the eyes!