Thursday, June 04, 2009

Painted figures: January to May

I haven't been noting the figures that I have painted on this site this year, partly because there have been so few but mainly because it is very boring! However, I do find the review process helpful in seeing what I have been painting and find that it guides me in choosing what to do next.

So far this year we have managed:

January 33
February 20
March 1
April 7
May 9

So only 71 figures in 22 weeks that's 3.2 figures a week instead of my target 6. I can't see that I am going to catch up unless I have a very good session during my summer holiday. The types of figures I have painted are:

Normans 5
Lord of the Rings 19
Early Saxons 4
WW1 15
Great Northern War 13
Schleswig Wars 1
English Civil War 4
Ancient Germans 7
Louis XIV 3

Last June I only managed 5 figures so I hope to do better than that. Apart from my new Perry British plastics I am going to concentrate on figures I have already started in order to get them done quickly. Starting, I think with some more WW1 Germans and some more Uruk Hai.

My little boy tidied up the workbench for me in exchange for a lottery ticket (he didn't win anything) so I don't have to stare at the previous chaos and wonder where to start.

What I need are a couple of good weekends but this weekend it's Guy's paint-ball party all day on Saturday and I have to do something on Sunday too. I am also trying not to have to go to Singapore in a couple of weeks and that is looking fifty-fifty at the moment. Oh well, at least I want to paint again!


  1. If it helps at all with time saving-I will GLADLY help out with drinking with girls from your office!


  2. P.S. I have just noticed that the first pic of the WoR re-enactors clearly shows they are stuck to!