Friday, June 19, 2009


Well, the Society of Ancients have confirmed that their Battle Day next April will feature Zama, 202 BC. This is obviously going to throw all my painting plans into the air. I painted a lot of figures for Cynoscephalae two years ago and can see myself doing the same for this one as this is a period I am really interested in. Dave Edwards at Guildford is already keen to do this in 28mm. I notice Big Red Bat is going for it big time too!

The SOA always issue a battlepack giving suggested army list but that won't be for months and I will need to decide what to start working on right now. I have about 100 Republican Romans painted and a similar number of Celts (although I will have to eliminate the ones that look too British-woad, spikey limed hair etc).

One good thing is that I have 10 months to get ready so I won't need to give up all my other fixations quite yet! I'll keep working on the Zulu and Sudan Wars, Napoleonics and Lord of the Rings but I will probably back pedal on the Dark Ages for a while. Probably, character figures is the way to go for the other periods whilst concentrating on units for Punics. Another good thing is that it will get me going on the Carthaginian army I have had planned for some four years (I've even got many of the figures already). To get me going I might buy an elephant!

Everything I work on will be recorded in tedious detail in my Punic Wars Blog (inevitably!) I wonder whatever happened to that Vin Diesel film about Hannibal?
At least it had elephants!
I can't think of any other Punic Wars films I've seen other than Jupiter's Darling (1954) with Howard Keel as Hannibal (!), George Sanders as the Emperor and Esther Williams as a Roman lady who swims a lot.

Carthaginian army elephant breeding programme

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