Sunday, September 13, 2009


So I'm off to Colours today, which is one of my favourite shows, so let's compare our intended shopping list with what we actually come back with!
I'm looking to get some of the new Perry Sudan figures if they have them; particularly the Indian troops. I'd like to go to the Empress stand and get some more Zulu War stuff as I will be concentrating on that next. Muskeeter Miniatures will be there so lets see if Bill has any news on the new Great Northern War stuff. I'd like some more Russians too. I always visit Grand Manner and want to see if Dave has his new Celtic roundhouses there. I'm also on the look-out for any WW1 stuff. It doesn't look like Dave Andrews is there so Artizan and Crusader may not be available.
One thing I do is save £2 coins to spend at shows and this time I have £136 worth. Somehow I don't think I will spend that much...

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  1. ...i'll be interested to see what you thought of the show, and to see if your view compares with mine...